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Welcome to
Integer Network

At Integer Network, we believe that authenticity, connection and wholeness are the key to a fulfilling life. That's why we offer a range of coaching services to help you become the best version of yourself. Join our free webinars and workshops, or book an individual or team coaching session today.

A Network of Coaches. A Network for Coaches.

What makes us different

  • International coaches with global perspectives

  • Wide range of coaches available with unique skill sets 

  • Our goal is not only to impact individuals through coaching but to be a presence in the world that launches communities that carry the values of coaching

  • As a registered NPO, Integer Network aims to make coaching accessible to everyone

Are you a NonProfit? Ask us about our discounted NPO rates.

Services for You
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Individual Coaching


  • a space to hear yourself think

  • helps you understand what lies beneath what you are feeling

  • helps you make good plans to get yourself unstuck

  • a completely judgment free space to process what you are going through

  • helps you gain perspective

  • easily accessible

  • do it at your own time

  • pressure free way of exploring the concepts of authenticity, coaching and compassionate communication

  • low cost, high reward

  • Participate in five sessions where you bring yourself and whatever is on your heart and mind to share that day.

  • A skilled facilitator will cultivate a “safe and brave” space where participants can be open and vulnerable without judgment.

  • Donation-only service

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Our Services for YOU


Our Coaches, Facilitators & Spiritual Directors

Una Somerset

Una Somerset

New insights Africa Certified Life coach, PRO level Areas of specialization: Managing change and transitions in a way that enables growth and wellbeing.

Brian Harfst

Brian Harfst

ACC, CCLC Areas of Specialization: Personal Development: Hopeful Reframing and Aligning of Values Vocational Discernment Leadership Growth Team, Community, and Congregational Discernment Spiritual Formation Practices

Noah Kaye

Noah Kaye

ACC, CCLC Areas of specialization: Leadership Development Leadership Insecurities Coach Training Conflict Appreciation Effective Communication Team Cohesion

Alison Faraday

Alison Faraday

ACC, Sacap PGDC, ORSC Team Coach Areas of Specialization: Life Coaching Team Coaching Cancer Partnering

Louwrens Scheepers

Louwrens Scheepers

Areas of specialization: Compassionate Communication Personal and Spiritual growth Mediation of conflicts in groups and couples Facilitating processes of transition in faith communities

Sarah Prince

Sarah Prince

FOCOS Coach Areas of specialization: How to build authentic community in hardships, finding life in marriage amidst challenges, and finding joy in special needs.

Carol Roberts

Carol Roberts

LMHC Areas of Specialization: Licensed mental health counselor in FL Finding and reclaiming your voice

John Arndt

John Arndt

ACC Areas of specialization: Leadership development Personal growth Spiritual direction CliftonStrengths coaching: awareness of strengths, highlighting growth areas, and charting a path forward Your One Degree: a wide-ranging process to discover your unique path

Cyril Johnson

Cyril Johnson

ACC, CCLC Areas of Specialization: Creating a safe, confidential, and healthy environment for forward movement Getting unstuck and moving on Setting healthy boundaries Moving past obstacles Discernment regarding change of leadership positions Starting well in new leadership positions Avoiding burnout and dropout Managing change

Gerda Scheepers

Gerda Scheepers

Areas of Specialization: Personal growth, navigating transitions, parenting. Compassionate communication. Parenting towards authenticity and wholeness

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Group Coaching



  • decreases team conflict

  • helps you understand the people you work with

  • more efficiency as a team and productivity

  • helps the team identify what is holding them back

  • creates a healthier culture to function in

  • decreases turn over in the team

  • high impact, low commitment

  • customizable to meet your specific needs

  • can cover topics like Compassionate Communication, Conflict Management, Parenting, Trauma Awareness

  • timeframe can be customized to your capacity

  • powerful forum in which you explore culture changes for your company

  • exposure to other leaders with similar goals/values

  • an efficient way to do the personal work and the larger organizational work at the same time

  • a great place to brainstorm ideas

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Website Stock Images-9.png

Our Services for YOUR TEAM

Are you a NonProfit? Ask us about our discounted NPO rates.

Services for your team

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“The impact was on an individual basis rather than relational at this stage which I think is wonderful because it first needs to happen for ourselves then we start to see how this new awareness brings value to our interaction with others personally or professionally. It helped the staff experience the space as safe and that as human beings we all have similar stories and that it is our stories that bring us together.”

Malie, Capella House

(on Compassionate Communication for Teachers workshop)

“Being a leader in the business community, it is extremely important for me to bring my best self to each conversation. In both leading my employees and engaging with other business owners, coaching with Integer Network has created an awareness of myself and the path I’m on that allows me to put in time to do the work. My monthly coaching meetings have provided accountability and are allowing me to become the leader I have always wanted to be.”

Danny, Business Executive

“Circles continue to reverberate through my life, as I continue to ponder the questions and comments made and learn how to incorporate those into my daily life”


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