Andrea Render 

Evansville, Indiana 

Areas of Specialty:

  • Enneagram Coaching: Helping clients discover their type, accelerate their growth and move forward in knowledge, awareness and freedom.

  • Practice and growth in authentic living

  • Personal and spiritual development 

Andrea Render lives in Evansville, Indiana with her husband, Shelby. They have 5 amazing children with 2 now married, bringing their total children to 7!  In addition to their own kids, Andrea has served as a mother and mentor to many. She has 25 years of church leadership experience as a pastors wife and a missionary. After returning from 10 years of ministry in South Africa and settling back into the States, Andrea attained certification as a Masters in Enneagram coach. Andrea is passionate about faith, authenticity and people, and loves helping others discover their true identity, passions and calling. 

Andrea's Services

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