Brian Harfst

Director of Coaching
Virginia Beach, VA, USA

Areas of Specialization:

  • Personal Development (Hopeful Reframing and Aligning of Values)

  • Vocational Discernment

  • Leadership Growth

  • Team, Community, and Congregational Discernment

  • Spiritual Formation Practices

Brian lives in southeastern Virginia with his wife, Zipper, their two sons, and mother-in-law.  He serves as an Equipping Pastor of Centerville Baptist Church in Chesapeake, VA. Brian received a BA in Psychology from the College of William & Mary and a MDiv from the Baptist Theological Seminary at Richmond.  His CCLC coaching certification is with Coach Approach Ministries.  Experienced in both pure coaching and content-rich coaching, Brian seeks discovery and meaningful change in the lives of his clients.  He is excited to partner with individuals and groups—religious, secular, stagnant, waffling, or rolling—to clarify callings, chase dreams, set goals, and design next steps.

Brian's Services

Pure Coaching Session

1-hour session around any desired topic


A Life of Calling, Individual

8 x 1-hour individual training and coaching sessions exploring the intersection of vocation, spirituality, purpose, and action


Standard Coaching Pathway

6 x 1-hour sessions


Be Church

1 x 2-hour group session—in person or online—celebrating and designing meaningful experiences around faith and community 

price per person+travel travel

$25 per person

A Life of Calling, Group

4 x 2-hour group sessions—in person or online—exploring the intersection of vocation, spirituality, purpose, and action

price per person+travel

$100 per person

7 Last, Church Transition and Closure Coaching

Workshops, retreats and coaching.

Varying packages ranging from $600-$1,200