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Addressing Mental Health Challenges Together

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This October, The Family Counselling Centre (TFCC) in collaboration with Integer Network SA, bring you CMC 23 – a “one of a kind” event for the community and by the community with the focus on mental health.

The theme for this year is "Cultivating Hope – addressing mental health challenges together”.

The core purpose of the event (as it was when first launched in 2022), is to bring together like-minded individuals and organizations who are already active in offering services addressing mental health challenges in the South Peninsula communities.

A secondary and very important focus of the event is raising awareness of and support for the work of

Far South Counselling (FSC), an NPC and sister organization of TFCC, who is making professional mental health services more accessible to communities who generally have little to no access to it.


Three main outcomes:

  • To raise awareness of the mental health challenges impacting our communities.

  • To create a space where like-minded individuals and organizations actively involved in mental health support can connect and network.

  • To grow interest and potential investment in the work of Far South Counselling.

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Connect & Grow Pockets

This year we are creating three intentional opportunities during our two-day convention to ensure that members of the community interact with each other and local service providers exhibiting around the topic of mental health. We call it Connect & Grow Pockets.

Each of these pockets will start with a performance by a local school/artist/band/performer. Some of the exhibitors (local service providers and organisations/NGO’s) will then have the opportunity to introduce their services to the audience.  The public attending the convention will be invited to listen to a speaker and then attend one of two relevant workshops at a small fee. 

Each of our three pockets are built around a theme that supports the overall theme of Cultivating Hope. 

On Friday afternoon the focus will be on the mental health challenges of our children and young people, Saturday morning we’ll look at the connection between our physical and mental well-being and in the afternoon, during our last pocket, attention will be given to the impact of trauma on the community.  

The hope is that all attendees of the convention, whether they represent the organisations exhibiting or vendors from the market or professional mental health practitioners or general public, will enjoy and participate in these pockets by spending the first 45 minutes in the main hall and then choosing to join one of the two relevant workshops that will be facilitated.

Conference Break Time

Booking Information for Exhibitors

Each package includes:

  • A stand inside the venue

  • Entrance and unlimited access to workshops for 2 representatives

  • Each representative will receive a lanyard with your organization details on. These are transferrable. Anyone with the lanyard will have access to the above.

  • Spotlight Moment (3 min opportunity to share) for the first 15 responders

Standard Exhibitor - R2100

NGOs - R1500
**Special Offer* Exhibitors from CMC22 qualify for a discount - R1850

**Special Offer* NGO Exhibitors from CMC22 qualify for a discount - R1200

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About the Organizers

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Far South Counselling is the sister organisation to The Family Counselling Centre (TFCC). It is registered as an NPC with the vision to offer professional mental health services to those who have little to no access to mental health support. Since 2015 the FSC has been operating from Valyland Centre in Fish Hoek, under the banner of TFCC. Through our work with organisations like Valley Development Project, the local child protection unit; The Safe House Trust, the local Women’s Shelter for victims of gender-based violence and domestic abuse; local schools and Masicorp (an NGO providing quality education, training and support to the community of Masiphumelele), we have become increasingly aware of the immensity of mental health challenges in the surrounding communities. Through raising awareness and support for FSC at the CMC23, we aim to increase our visibility and services across the Far South community with a specific focus in Ocean View, Redhill and Masiphumelele.

About the Beneficiary

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