Corne Krogscheepers

Communication & Empathy Coach

Areas of specialization:

  • Empathy Buddy

  • Accountability partner

  • Affirmation Coach

  • Personal Development Coach “ Only compare yourself to the person you were yesterday “

  • Self-talk or Becoming your own best friend Coach

After coaching and playing tennis professionally for a decade, Corne’ got married to Cecile in 2005. They lived in Durban South Africa for 9 years. Their three gorgeous daughters, Ane’(11), Alayah(10) and Saidi(7) were born in Durban during which time Corne’ worked as a sales Rep and in Management for Henred Fruehauf. After numerous frustrations with corporate and church systems Corne’ and Cecile moved to Cape Town to follow their dreams where they have been working with various NGO’s to find their feet in the change making sector. Corne’ is a board member of Integer South Africa and is passionate about Community and Personal Development.

Corne's Services

KONNEKT: Empathetic communication with myself and others

4 sessions: R1600 or R500 per session payable in advance

KONNEKT:  Empathetic communication for groups

Donations per person: R50/ R100/ R200