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The Coach Approach




30 minutes

About the Course

Coaching is a powerful tool that can unlock what is in someone by simply using well crafted questions and deep, intentional listening. The good news is that you can access these tools to impact your personal relationships! Are you ready?

Your Instructor

Noah Kaye

Noah Kaye

Noah Kaye is the Founder and Executive Director of Integer Network. Noah carries twenty years of leadership experience and coaches leaders in Africa, Europe and the United States. He is married to Tricia, and they have three lively and lovely kids! Noah’s background in church ministry and missions has influenced his writing, speaking and leadership in multiple organizations in the US and abroad. Noah is a certified professional coach with a CCLC with CAM (Coach Approach Ministries) and an ACC certification with ICF (International Coaching Federation). He highly values faith, people, communication, clarity and authenticity. You can connect more with Noah and follow him on social media from his blog at

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