In A Time Like This

This year we are celebrating Easter in our homes – alone or maybe with close family. For some it means long days on their own, for others long days with little ones or teenagers, for others long days with adult children and maybe even grandchildren. No matter who you are with, this is an invitation to experience the Easter week like never before.


May the ideas and suggestions here stimulate your own thinking about Easter and may you be creative as you improvise and set up your own table of remembrance.


Here is what you will need to do/know in preparation:

  • The devotions start on Palm Sunday (4/5/20) and there is one for each day until Easter Sunday (4/12/20)

  • Choose a suitable corner in your house where you can gather each day to spend time with some of these ideas

  • Decide on a time and make sure everybody gets involved – also in preparing for the day’s devotional. Set aside at least 30 minutes.

  • See if you can gather all the items as needed OR improvise and replace with what you have or what you think is suitable for the moment.

  • This is the basis of what you will need:

    • A dark colored table cloth

    • A wooden cross

    • A hammer and 6 nails

    • A vase for flowers (flowers can be fresh or made with paper…)

    • One white candle

    • A Bible

    • A map or globe

  • Make a playlist or choose your favorite Easter music for singing or just listening

  • As a family you can decide to fast of something for this whole week or only on the day it is mentioned.

  • Please change and adapt these ideas to suit the specific needs of your family