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Integer Uganda

Youth in Uganda are the youngest population in the world, with 77% of its population being under 25 years of age.

Corruption in Uganda is characterized by grand-scale theft of public funds and petty corruption involving public officials at all levels of society as well as widespread political patronage systems.

The story of 
     Nathan Abi

From an addict in the slums of Kampala, Uganda to a man on a mission to find authenticity, connection and wholeness. Nathan Abi experienced a taste of something different when he became a part of an All Nations small church. During his journey of transformation he found Integer Network and discovered what safe spaces of authentic connection could look like and how it could bring wholeness that does not require you to shy away from your brokenness. Nathan believes that the focus of integrity and authenticity, connection and wholeness is what young Africans need to transform a government, society and leadership in a continent that has been hammered with corruption. Nathan chooses to remain in the context of the Kampala slums and spends his time investing in the youth.



Integer Network Uganda started unofficially this year in March 2022 after Nathan Abi attended a coaching conference in Arusha presented by Noah Kaye. Nathan had been doing Integrate sessions before that, after having completed his Integrate curriculum with Integer Coach, Brian Harfst.

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Integer Clubs will gather high school students in local schools

The groups will be facilitated by Integer Network trained facilitators

The groups will engage practices and mindsets adapted from Integer's twelve Integrate "steps" to fit the local settings

The goal is multiplication of the groups and the values of authenticity, connection, and wholeness

By exposing the youth to a new set of values, the true potential of the Ugandan youth can lead the country into a new chapter

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