Joni Kellar

Administrator & Coach

Edgewater, Maryland, USA

Areas of Specialization:

  • Identity discernment 

  • Finding momentum when stuck

  • Moving toward victory and freedom 

  • Spiritual companionship 

  • Guidance in Problem Solving 

Joni is a coach with a unique life journey. She has a bag full of robust adventures and formative stories that shape her coach approach. Joni is married to Patrick and they have enjoyed (most of) their 30 years of marriage. Holding a Masters in counseling and a CCLC coaching certification, Joni brings years of experience in listening and helping. She did so as a Pastor at a church and through overseas missions work in Africa. Joni has enjoyed a late-career pivot from counseling to coaching and is loving it! Joni is a mother figure to many and it is her delight to notice and encourage the potential in a person.

Joni's Services

4 Month Personal

Coaching Pathway

8 sessions/ 2 per month


2 Month

Coaching Intensive

2 x 3 hour discernment sessions


Zoom Coaching

for Teams

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