Karin Grobler

Areas of specialization:

  • Loss – support during a season of grief and help to discover skills for a new normal

  • Parenting – skills for when the going gets tough

  • Communication and connection – developing the skill of self-compassion and empathetic connection

In her 50+ years of life, Karin acquired skills from a wide variety of fields. After obtaining a degree in consumer studies, she worked for 7 years as a manager in the high-pressure environment of clothing retail. For the next season she worked in a church in the field of children's ministry and specialised in dealing with children with trauma. During this time she obtained certification in advanced play therapy techniques. Her commitment led her to further studies and she completed a Masters in Theology in 2012 with her thesis focussing on "Co-operation between parents after divorce". Her influence grew as she headed up a non-profit organisation which trained volunteers to journey with hurting children - especially after loss. Since 2015 she sharpened her focus to include coaching parents in and through difficult relationships with their children. This skill set includes understanding the language of emotions which spontaneously led to an interest in empathetic communication, self-compassion and mindful living.  Over the last few years, she's supported many clients through different stages of grief and loss. 

Karin has two married children as well as a teenage daughter who still lives at home. In 2016 divorce became a part of their family's story. Together they overcame huge challenges which resulted in stronger relationships and a deeper understanding of the journey of grieving. Karin loves to read and watch movies for relaxation, enjoys walks on the beach and yoga for physical self-care and practises spiritual disciplines like meditation and creative journaling to take care of her emotional needs.

Karin's Services

Support and skills for grief journeys

6 sessions: R2400 or R500 per session payable in advance

Support and skills for parents (especially after divorce)

7 sessions: R2800 or R500 per session payable in advance

KONNEKT: Empathetic communication with myself and others

4 sessions: R1600 or R500 per session payable in advance

KONNEKT:  Empathetic communication for groups

Donations per person: R50/ R100/ R200 

Guide to Grief Journaling

A tool you can use by yourself in the privacy of your own home to process your loss.



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