Magda Scheepers

Life Coach

Areas of specialization:

  • Kids’ Coach focussing on children enduring hardships

  • Family focussed Life Coaching

Magda worked as a trained nursing sister for 25 years in various hospitals, doctors’ rooms and primary health care clinics. She discovered her love for children when she focussed on children illnesses and immunizations in the primary health care clinics.

She married Theunis in 1987 and they served together in different cross-cultural locations in Central Asia and Africa since 1999. They were involved in earthquake relief work, home-schooling their two children and Magda worked as a librarian in an International School during this time. (1999-2004; 2012-2014)

Magda attended a “Walking with Wounded Children” workshop presented by Petra Institute in 2015. During this workshop she found healing from childhood trauma and was trained as a facilitator and tutor of the “Walking with Wounded Children” workshop at Petra Institute between 2015-2018.

Magda is passionate about helping woman and children to be restored to wholeness in body, mind and soul. She has a special love for children who need an ear to listen, when they endure hardships. 

Magda and Theunis are currently involved in professional coaching, mentoring, facilitating and teaching where they present different business and life coaching options and family and community workshops to individuals, small businesses, organizations and faith communities.

Magda's Services

Kids Coaching  (6-13 yrs)

One on one sessions focussed on entering the world of the child through building a relationship and a safe space where the child can explore and clarify their feelings and for growth in self-awareness and self-acceptance to take place. 

Assessment session free

Thereafter R150-00 per session: 45 minutes

New Parent Guidance & Coaching

Focussed on early childhood developmental phases and how to understand your child (with Theunis Scheepers)

6 x Sessions (Minimum; 90 - 120 minutes / session) 

R1800-00 @ R300 per session

Follow-up sessions @ R300 per session 

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)

CliftonStrengths-based Marriage / Relationship Enrichment Coaching (with Theunis Scheepers)

Building a stronger relationship by understanding each other’s strengths 

6 x Sessions (Minimum; 90 - 120 minutes/session) 


(including CliftonStrengths online assessment codes)

Follow-up sessions @ R300 per session

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)