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The work of INTEGER NETWORK is partially funded by regular financial supporters who believe in our cause.

We are purposefully established as a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. We are so grateful for each partner and each gift! Our board is committed to handle all finances with transparency and integrity.

We invite you to explore the various areas we are actively involved in. We would love to engage with you if any of these speak to you on a deeper level.

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Integer Uganda

Changing a nation by cherishing the hearts of the youth

Integer Clubs will gather high school students in local schools

The groups will be facilitated by Integer Network trained facilitators

The groups will engage practices and mindsets adapted from Integer's twelve Integrate "steps" to fit the local settings

The goal is multiplication of the groups and the values of authenticity, connection, and wholeness

By exposing the youth to a new set of values, the true potential of the Ugandan youth can lead the country into a new chapter

Cars & Coaching

OwnIt Africa (OwnIt) is a fledgling financial services firm that is tapping South Africa’s burgeoning and vibrant ride hailing, delivery market and micro-enterprise niches – specifically offering drivers an opportunity to finance their vehicles on a competitive rent-to-own basis. The purpose of OwnIt is to assist entrepreneurs to become sustainable and then to grow.

Our clients are incredible entrepreneurs that sometimes risk life and limb in pursuing their respective businesses. OwnIt’s clients have been held at gunpoint, stabbed and threatened. We have to keep supporting their determination to succeed, even if it means having to offer trauma counseling. 

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