Pam Kaye

Cancer & Family Coach

Edgewater, MD

Areas of Specialization:

  • Cancer patients & caregivers

  • Processing Greif 

  • Parenting & marriage 

  • Activation & motivation 

  • Personal & spiritual development 

Pam Kaye lives in the Annapolis, MD area, is the proud mother of 5 adult children (one of them, Noah, who you see above) and the joyous grandmother to 13 young emerging leaders. Pam loves helping people process matters of the heart and after her own battle with cancer, Pam became a certified cancer coach with “Our Journey of Hope.” Pam is eager to coach patients and caregivers through their cancer journey.  Drawing on her almost 50 years of parenting and marriage, Pam is also positioned to coach into marriage and family dynamics. Reach out to Pam today for coaching. 

Pam's Services

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