Integer Network was instrumental in guiding our Christian Singles group through the process of becoming more than just an events-oriented social group to a regionally focused non-profit. Noah Kaye and Joni Kellar heard the call of our heart for this ministry and worked enthusiastically with Singlefaith leaders through the process of identifying goals, core values, strengths/weaknesses and defining our purpose. They helped us navigate details we would have never thought about and brought clarity to our mission. Through their guidance and encouragement, we are well on the way to impacting regional single adults through authentic community and connection - with each other, in local churches and with Jesus.

Integer Network helped our staff solidify our values right before we grew into a multi-site model. Noah Kaye came in at the right time because making our values clear helped us make sure they were reproducible as we grew and scaled. The follow up support and ongoing coaching has been invaluable to our organization.

Being a leader in the business community, it is extremely important for me to bring my best self to each conversation. In both leading my employees and engaging with other business owners, coaching with Integer Network has created an awareness of myself and the path I’m on that allows me to put in time to do the work. My monthly coaching meetings have provided accountability and are allowing me to become the leader I have always wanted to be.

What if you could get together with a group of people with the sole purpose of practicing authenticity....in a lab...as an experiment? That is what INTEGRATE is. "Integrate: 6 Themes for Authentic Living" is an Integer Network experience for people to practice authenticity through a guided process. Listen to this episode as a group of recent participants share the difference it made in their lives and why you should attend one! 

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Our annual fall advance facilitated by Noah Kaye with Integer Network was delightfully impactful for our team!  A highly relational, passionate and energetic leader, Noah earned our teams trust from the get go! He brings a dynamic to the table that your leaders will resonate with and they’ll walk away with clarity and vision for the future! The value of these sessions and our time together continues to directly shape and mold our executive meetings throughout the year.