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It’s almost never appropriate to have a conversation where you talk about yourself the whole time. However, there are times we all need that! Coaching is about YOU! Different from counseling or therapy, in coaching YOU set the agenda. YOU determine the direction. YOU get to do the talking while the coach asks meaningful questions and listens deeply.

Why do I need it? 

You need a coach to make it about you, to get you unstuck, to talk about what matters, and to promote your personal growth. You will quickly see the value it adds and the way that it influences your future. 

How does it work, practically?

A typical coaching commitment includes 1-2 coaching conversations per month (by phone or in person) and lasts a minimum of 6 months. All you do is come to each conversation ready to answer this question: “What is most important for you to process today?” We take it from there. 

Personal Coaching Packages and Pricing

Introductory assessment to identify goals and establish shared expectations


90 minutes of personal coaching per month (in 1 or 2 sessions)


Up to 30 minutes of additional contact and messaging for follow up per month


One complementary coaching consultation every 6 months with spouse, family members, or key colleagues

$140 per month 

(minimum commitment of 6 months/10% off for full advance payment) 

Introductory assessment to identify goals and establish shared expectations

120 minutes of personal coaching per month (2 coaching sessions) 

Option to cross pollinate coaching offering you access to multiple Integer Coaches

Up to 30 minutes of additional contact and messaging for follow up per month

One complementary coaching consultation per quarter with spouse, family members, or key colleagues

Full Access to Integer’s “The Authenticity Journey; Stepping Stones to Wholeness” material 

Free entry to Integer events, workshops and forums 

$240 per month 

(minimum commitment of 6 months/10% off for full advance payment) 

Email us now to inquire about personal coaching.

Fine Print​​

  • Several personality and identity assessments are available to compliment any of the Integer pathways for an additional cost. Please inquire for more details.  

  • Prices and pathways are open for adjustment and customization. Contact us for conversation.  

  • 15% of your payments for coaching helps fund coaching and training for leaders Internationally who are unable to afford services. Thanks for your support!