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A one-on-one partnership with a coach or companion is about YOU!  Explore YOUR own desires, goals, and next steps with a coach.  Or step into greater awareness and  authenticity through resources like the Enneagram, Strengths Finder or Spiritual Companionship.

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You are ready to explore and set new goals. You are willing to take steps forward. You face changing circumstances. You are stuck. You seek greater awareness about
yourself and your situation. The potential is there—in you—but you need help to draw that potential out. A coach can be that help.

Every coaching relationship is unique in focus, frequency and duration — co-created by you and the coach to suit your desired outcomes. The brilliance of coaching is in how it honors you as the expert on your journey and welcomes you to set the agenda and direction. The purpose of coaching is to cultivate growth, forward momentum, and self-awareness by creating meaningful space, asking powerful questions, and listening deeply as you make discoveries and craft solutions. 

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The dashboard in your car is designed to give you important feedback about the performance of your vehicle.  It’s even more important to monitor the dashboard of your life to have awareness when our fuel is low, or our check engine lights are on. Coaching is about helping YOU identify who you are, where you are, who you want to become and where you want to go.

At Integer Network, we guide people into authenticity, connection, and wholeness in many aspects of life.  We welcome you to look through the menu below. The possible areas to focus on are meant to help you identify and select the main headings of life that we will work on as we forge a coaching pathway together.

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