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Become an Integer

I remember the first day I realized what an Integer was. I think I may have slept through math class in High School. An integer is really a math term meaning "a whole number; a non-fractioned numerical unit.” But the word has other and much deeper meaning.


  • A thing complete in itself; a complete entity.

  • A non-fractioned one.

  • In its original Latin form: In touch, intact, whole.

  • This is where we get our word Integrity.

  • And Integrated.

  • There are positive integers.

  • There are negative integers (more on this later).

  • It suggests something or someone that is real, authentic, genuine, honest.

We are not in the math business. But, we are in the people business. And when a person is living their life broken, hiding, fractured or lacking in integrity they pay the price everywhere they turn. Or when a team is not integrated, then they are disintegrating, and likely won’t arrive at their destination in one piece. The hiding is exhausting and the duplicity quickly deteriorates trust and relational safety.

It’s time…to become…an INTEGER!

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