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Is Integer Network a Ministry or a Business?

Integer Network

Determining personal identity is one of the most important aspects of growing in individual wholeness and health. As followers of Jesus, we know that who we actually are is found in who God sees us to be and says we are. In the same way, it is immensely important that ministries, movements, and organizations also gain clarity around their core identity.

Integer’s Identity: We long to see healthy leaders leading healthy things! Integer is a non-profit. Integer is a ministry. Integer is an organization. Integer is a network. Any of those words work.

A non-profit must further religious (or other) purposes and generate some public benefit; Integer will do both. A non-profit may also receive tax deductible donations and charge a fee for goods or services; Integer will do both. Integer is not a business or a company. We know that the bulk of our work will be with churches and Christian Leaders; that is our passion. However, Integer is open to working with others as well.

A common misconception about non-profits is that they do not or cannot offer goods or services for income; that is not true. In fact, typically, a non-profit will earn more than 50% of their operational income and the remainder comes through charitable donations. Tricia and I are grateful that many of the financial partners that have supported us through our years overseas will also partner with us in this ministry (through tax deductible gifts). Additionally, Integer will coach clients that pay a non tax deductible fee for coaching services that add value to their lives.

Oh, and one more cool thing: Integer coaches in the States for FEE so we can do it worldwide for FREE!

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