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Financial Partnership with Integer Network

Integer Network

Here is a moment of honest sharing: We need financial partners to back us as donors as we start Integer Network! Maybe you want to be one of them? Simply put, if you feel that inauthentic and broken leaders and teams are hurting the church and the cause of Christ and you want to see them be real and whole, Integer would be a great place to invest some resources.

More honesty: After more than 7 years of being fundraising missionaries, it would have been a nice treat to just "take a ministry job" somewhere that came with a salary and some security...but that was NOT what I heard from the Lord when we asked "what's next"? So, we jumped out in faith that if we started a ministry initiative consistent with my calling and God's leading, that the finances would follow. Fear isn't one of my biggest struggles, but I will say...this step has required lots of faith to combat the fear that lingers around the corner! As with any new venture, there is always risk.

Ministry or Business? Some have Integer Network a business or a ministry? It is a ministry and we answer that question very thoroughly right HERE.

The financial plan: Integer Network will function from the following income streams (in order of amounts):

- Donors making charitable contributions to the ministry which makes it possible to coach, train and mentor leaders both in the USA and abroad.

- Clients paying for coaching services.

- Churches and teams hiring Integer for workshops, events and staff development.

Money donated or generated will be spent in the following ways (in order of amounts):

- Staff Salaries

- International Leadership Development

- Administrative Costs for coaching and events

Integer Network has an overseeing Board of Directors that has already begun functioning to provide accountability and wisdom to our decisions and development. Will introduce them soon here at the Integer Blog.

We have made the giving process as easy as possible right here at the Integer Website where you can make one time gifts or establish recurring monthly gifts. Just click HERE.

Thank you for joining in the early stages of a much needed network that will bring freedom and healing to many people!

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