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Integer Network’s Global Work Begins

We are thrilled to report that the first ever Integer Network international training trip was an immense success! Noah was joined by colleagues and friends in both Kenya and Tanzania to lead 6 training experiences in 2 weeks that reached over 200 leaders! Some of the concepts were so new to the East African context that there were barley even words in Swahili to capture them.

John Wambura, General Secretary of the Mennonite Church of Tanzania said: “My cup is full again! God is using you in a very different way and it will change the way we think, live and lead. Here in Africa we need such training to happen for our church leaders. Please plan an East Africa event and run it in Uganda and invite people from Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Rwanda, Uganda, South Sudan, and Ethiopia. Dream BIG! Go Integer!”

In some ways it was quite a challenge to address emotionally charged character issues that stretched the worldview of the trainees. In other ways, it was a surge of joy and hope as we experienced leaders engaging these important issues in such a deep way. In a context where integrity is often overlooked for position and tradition, now is a ripe time for Integer to be coaching leaders in Africa toward authenticity and freedom. Much more is coming. Stay tuned!

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