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7 Last

We are pleased to introduce Integer Network’s newest coaching product: 7 Last, Church Closure Coaching

Inspired by the impact of Jesus’ seven last statements, 7 Last helps your church design meaningful initiatives while facing institutional change or death.

Are you worried about the future of your church or religious institution?  Are you realizing that your organization needs a dose of reality, a time for grief, and a revolutionary approach to hopeful action?  

Inspired by the importance of Jesus’ seven last words before death, 7 Last invites you to spend time in hopeful preparation as you consider death within your church or organization.  Other programs seek to turn around congregational decline or promote ministry revitalization through a variety of solutions.  7 Last makes no such promise.  It is focused on creating a meaningful process through which a church can come to terms with its death, both in dealing with the practical necessities and the reality of loss.  7 Last will challenge and embolden your church or organization to give yourself away in 7 meaningful ways as you face death.  If an organizational closure or life-altering shift is an imminent reality in the near future or a distinct possibility down the road, please consider this intentional process of remembering, celebrating, mourning, dreaming, and planning.  We offer three packages:

A three-hour workshop.  Brian and Aaron will come to your location to help you celebrate, grieve, dream, and design your seven steps in a focused, fast-paced session.  Cost: $600 plus travel expenses.  

A six-hour retreat.  Brian and Aaron will come to your location in a one-day or overnight setting to offer a spiritual, reflective time of celebration, grieving, dreaming, and designing your seven steps.  Cost: $1000 plus travel expenses.  

A one-on-one coaching package.  An eight-session coaching package for congregational leaders to implement in their organizations or in their own lives during a significant transition.  Brian will present the 7 Last challenge in the first session and will partner to coach through your goals and next steps in the remaining sessions.  Cost: $800.  

Discount through May 2020:

Unfortunately, with the advent of COVID-19, discussions about life-altering shifts in congregations may be necessary now more than ever.  If you schedule a free thirty-minute exploratory conversation before then end of May 2020, we will give you a discount for your first 7 Last experience.  ($100 off of the workshop.  $200 off of the retreat.  $150 off of the coaching.)

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