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A Statement from Our Network

Friends, Supporters, Partners and Clients,

Since the founding of Integer Network, we have been committed to build and operate from a set of intentional values. Values that we choose, uphold and promote in ourselves as a team, our coaching work and our world. And during this intense and painful moment in our world, values matter. In fact, our values seem to matter more today than ever before. So, here is our reminder and recommitment to what we value and strive to create.

Integrity: An Integer is a whole! A non-divided, non-fractioned, unified whole. How deeply all of our hearts long for togetherness, oneness and unity. May the things “dis-integrating” us for so long be brought back to fruitful soil from which new life can grow.

Authenticity: The only way that difficult and sensitive conversations around race and injustice can happen is in the context of vulnerability, humility, transparency and safety. It is high time we deal with what is real, what is genuinely happening and what has happened. Authenticity is no longer an optional luxury, but our roadway to healing, understanding and growth.

Journey: In our coach approach, we recognize that true change only happens within the context of a process that takes time and work. That always demands emotional safety and a blend of courage and patience. Good, deep work is not fast work. We are here for the deep work.

Partnership: True partnership happens when humble learners and generous givers come together. Partnership that brings change is when two people/orgs/communities walk together in giving and receiving, where equality is celebrated and no one is on top. We value partnership individually, locally, nationally and globally.

Wholeness: It is what we long for. Whole hearts. Whole families. Whole communities. Whole nations. Wholeness is not perfection, rather it is the forward movement into awareness, health and growth. Wholeness is the simultaneous "already and not yet" of the human heart.

Jesus: It is Jesus who showed us a new way…the way of forgiveness, inclusion, mercy and justice. It is Jesus who promoted the way of love over hate. It is the spirit of Jesus that we want to walk in and embody in these moments when healing is so profoundly needed.

And so, we continue to foster and practice these values. And we commend every one of our Coaches to you. They carry the skills, gifts and a heart to walk with you and your team or community during these uncertain and vulnerable times. Reach out. We are here for it. We are here for you. We are here for our entire world.

Together and from our hearts,

Noah Kaye, Executive Director, Integer Network &

Louwrens Scheepers, Country Director, Integer Network South Africa

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