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The journey into the uncertain continues! It is our hope that you are finding moments of joy in the midst of it all.

We are in a series on ways that our 6 Integrate themes are incredibly pertinent and useful to reflect on during this COVID-19 pandemic. All of this matters because who we are directly impacts how we love. And LOVE is at the center of the Christian story and what we all long for most.

Today we want to share about the second theme of our recently released Integrate material:

Alignment: We use this word interchangeably with integrity and congruenceto suggest living in a non-duplicitous way. It is easy to live a compartmentalized life when you can divide the different parts of your world into nice categories…work, home, play, etc. We all face temptation to live a life out of sync, having differing versions of ourselves we present to the world, often looking quite different than the one at home and in our most intimate relationships. And so...

  • How are the sudden changes to your life and routine highlighting areas of your outer and inner life that may be out of sync, out of balance or out of alignment?

  • What “you” are you noticing most present with you today? When I am being fake, what do others miss out on? 

  • Areas of misalignment are marked with tension and stress. In a quiet place, pay attention to these signs and what they mean.

May mercy and goodness follow us all as we grow in greater alignment and integration as healthy people. 

Noah and the Team

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