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Hi Friends,

Peace be with you today!

We wrote to you the other day about the ways that our 6 Integrate themes are incredibly pertinent and useful to reflect on during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Today we want to share about our first theme: Awareness.

Awareness: We can’t genuinely share ourselves until we honestly know ourselves. We become healthier people as we grow in awareness of ourselves, our core strengths and key weaknesses. Times of pressure, fear and unpredictability have an uncanny way of revealing things about our character. And so...

  • Pay meaningful attention to what comes out as you get squeezed by the pressures of this unprecedented moment in history.

  • What can separation and inactivity tell you that you may have been missing?

  • Perhaps you can ask someone close to you if they notice any differences in you over the last week or two.

May mercy and goodness follow you as you grow in greater awareness and integration as a healthy person.

Noah and the Team

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