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Integrate Themes of Authentic Living


What a moment in time this is. Fear sits next to us each day calling for our attention and waiting to be engaged with. Questions abound. The unknown lurks. Each of us react to these uncertain times with our unique emotions and personalities.

Integer Network was founded on a desire to promote authentic living and whole hearts through coaching people into self discovery! We are profoundly passionate about promoting healthy relationship to self and others. As a result, in 2019 our team spent countless hours developing our first Integer material for the world. We worked together to determine what we believe are the most pertinent qualities needed to show up authentically in our lives and relationships. We named this content “Integrate: 6 Themes for Authentic Living.”

Over the last few days, it struck me that the 6 Integrate themes are incredibly pertinent and useful to reflect on during this COVID-19 pandemic. There are many ways that we can grow as people and in love for others.

Here’s a peak at the 6 themes:

  1. Awareness

  2. Alignment

  3. Vulnerability

  4. Conflict

  5. Connection

  6. Wholeness

In the days to come we will post here about each theme, offering practical suggestions to try out and exploring together on our FB page how they intersect with us today…in this moment of global change and crisis.

May we all find ways to come out the other end of this hard season more healthy, more compassionate and more integrated as people!



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