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Integrate through Connection!

Greetings,  How are you? Where are you feeling hopeful? Where are you feeling hopeless? And in it all, how are you experiencing meaningful connection?  Today we continue our series on ways that our 6 Integrate themes speak to us through this COVID-19 pandemic. Today we focus on the 5th theme of our Integrate material:  Connection: The greatest longing of all of our hearts is for meaningful connection with God and others. We are literally hard wired for it as people created in the image of a God who is intricately and eternally connected. Let us not allow this unexpected season to pass us by without finding ways to connect in new and deep ways with our faith and those we love. Have conversations that you’ve been delaying. Start habits and routines of togetherness and connectedness that normal life doesn’t easily allow for. Make memories. Seize the day by pursuing deeper relationship with people you love. Some ideas to consider: 

  • Schedule a Zoom call with family or a group of friends that you typically would never get together all in one place.

  • True connection with others becomes ever more possible when we connect to and belong to ourselves first. Spend time with YOU. Try journalling the evidences you can see in your life that you are connected to and belong to yourself. What do you appreciate about YOU?

  • Head over to the Integer FB page, click on videos and watch our series of one minute videos about increasing connection. They cover the following topics: Reducing pace and volume, Increasing eye contact, Offering a warmer smile, Asking excellent questions and Listening patiently. 

Lastly, it's Easter week! We have a resource for you to use with your family this week. Thanks to Louwrens and Gerda for providing us with this tool. Click here to download! May we all dwell in the true meaning of LIFE that Easter represents through Jesus. 

Staying Connected,  Noah and the Team

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