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Integrate through Wholeness!

Friends Near and Far, 

Here we (STILL) are. Waiting. Wondering. Hoping. This is a moment in our lives we will never forget. We hope you are finding grace and joy in the midst of the pain and uncertainty.   Today we FINISH our series on ways that our 6 Integrate themes speak to us through this COVID-19 pandemic. Today we focus on the 6th theme of our Integrate material. Wholeness: Wholeness is not perfection. Perfection is never possible. But all those who choose to can tend to the inner person, the soul work, the personal interior life in ways that move them into ever increasing wholeness of heart. Wholeness is difficult to explain but easy to spot and very apparent when we feel it. This is the work of God in us, by Holy Spirit, and we participate deeply. The work of paying attention to who we are becoming on the inside is often overshadowed by the activities and pressures on the outside. However, in this time of continued world shut down, how can you turn inward? This is about the time that some of us will start to "lose the plot" and start really itching to "get on with it already!" Which may be just the right time to step into greater reflection and wholeness.  Some ideas to consider: 

"Like love, wholeness is discovered in 1000 disappointments, embarrassments, and missteps. It’s discovered as our egos are shattered in the inviting presence of another, one who calls us to belong. It’s experienced as a unity within ourselves and with our world that is incredibly satisfying." -Chuck DeGroat in his book "Wholeheartedness", which is a great book on wholeness, by the way!

Together on the journey,  Noah and the Team

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