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I'm searching. You're searching. We are all searching to some degree or another.

We want truth.

We want God.

We want meaning.

And we all have an internal BS barometer that goes off when something doesn't jive with our spirits. Sure, there are plenty of Christians that are just fine with everything they believe and aren't interested in more. But...there are many people who are unsatisfied with what they've been fed about God, faith, the Bible, etc. And the dissatisfaction leads to asking, wondering and searching. There are many on that journey. I've met them there.

But here's what I'm noticing the more I listen and watch: Many are leaving the church, not because they are LOSING faith, but because they're trying to FIND it. The only way to find something is to search for it. But the searching must be safe, or it gets called off. It's true in avalanches and manhunts as well as spiritual journeys. People don't feel the freedom to search if they feel threatened. All of us need to feel safe to ask, wonder and consider. Few churches have figured out how to allow this. Many have not. As a result, people leave so they can search safely.

My heart feels in both directions. For the church to be places of safety and grace. And for people to find a real faith they can live for and die for. And I don't have answers. Only ideas. And questions. And hopes.

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