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Spiritual Authenticity - It's less complicated than you think

But what about my spiritual life?

What does an authentic spirituality look like?

Does it have to do with more Bible reading, more prayer, more retreats?

Let me surprise you.

Authentic spirituality isn’t about doing more spiritual things.

Nothing needs to be added.

The only thing you need is your awareness of God’s nearness.

Close your eyes. Become quiet.

And you will see: All of life is spiritual!!

Can you see it? There is no line between “sacred” and “secular”.

Can you feel it? There is no separation! You are part of a whole.

You and God. You and I. You and all others. You and creation.

You are one. All connected. All belonging.

Do you long to be authentic in your spirituality?

Give up the notion that you and love and peace and worth and happiness are separate from each other!

Stop trying to eliminate the ups and downs of life or balancing your emotions.

Welcome the opposites and embrace the contradicting forces.

See how everything is actually interconnected and interdependent.

The yin and yang. It all belongs together.

Do you long to be authentic in your spirituality?

Look past the differences and labels we put on people.

Stop looking at the world through eyes of judgment.

Open your eyes for love and compassion.

And you will discover a true and authentic togetherness based on the common life, spirit and divine source that run through all of us.

Do you long to be authentic in your spirituality?

Then you have to discover all that you already are. The life of God already within you.

Listen to and trust your inner voice, the voice of the Spirit.

Awaken and live from your inner passion.

Do you long to be authentic in your spirituality?

Stop trying.

Stop explaining.

The past or the future.

It is about the simple and powerful reality of being it.

Living it.

Becoming present.

Here and now.

God with us.

- Louwrens Scheepers

Country Director for South Africa

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