Too often teams are running at a high pace and neglecting the work it takes to get on the same page and grow healthy relationships with each other.  We are confident that committing time and space to gather and care for your team will yield fantastic results! We would love to help you.  

Casual Meeting
Why do we need it?


Because your team wants and needs a healthy team culture (authentic relationships and effective communication) and unified organizational alignment (shared values, common language and clear objectives). 

How does it work, practically? 

Team coaching is structured around what a team hopes to accomplish and is customized uniquely for your team. Team coaching services could include retreats, workshops, strategic planning, conflict mediation and individual coaching for key team members. 

Team Coaching Events

Choose any of the following themes for your team’s one or two day experience:

  • Creating environments of authenticity and vulnerability 

  • Building the components of healthy team culture and dynamics

  • Fostering courage for healthy conflict 

  • Walking the Authenticity Pathway; Stepping Stones to Wholeness 

  • Gaining Strategic Alignment; Organizational Planning for vision, mission, values and goals

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