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Through a strategic blend of personal coaching and team coaching, your team dynamics will be impacted

  • As each member grows in awareness of their strengths and capacities

  • As skills that increase relational connection are discovered and practiced

  • As your team increases trust and improves communication


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As each member grow in their awareness of their own strengths and capacities As each membe


Our team coaching with Noah helped our organization have an amazing launch into a new way of being!  In just a few months, we can see such a difference in individual ownership and energy for tasks as well as stronger interpersonal dynamics between team members. 

Sarah Yotter

As a multidimensional company we were looking for opportunities to build  authentic community within our organization. We also wanted a solution that would help our team members work with clients from a more coach approach prospective. 

Over the last year, Integer Network has made a substantial impact in our company culture by helping us set a foundation for an authentic coaching culture. Integer worked with our team in small groups to teach us the fundamentals of a coaching and help us establish a customized approach for the unique work that we do. 

We also opened the door for all employees to have access to individual personal coaching as an ongoing professional development benefit. Those who have taken advantage of this unique benefit report a high level of satisfaction and appreciation for the opportunity. 

I’d highly recommend Integer Network to any leader looking to create a positive culture shift. 

Bryan Kiger
CEO, Progress City LLC
President, Autism Employment Network

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