Theunis Scheepers

Business and Life Coach

Bellville, South Africa

Areas of specialization:

  • Personal and Family focussed Life Coaching

Theunis studied law (B.Iuris, University of the Free State, 1987) and worked as Clerk of the Court, State Prosecutor and Magistrate in the Department of Justice for 14 years. He left the Department of Justice in 1993 and since then Theunis worked in diverse communities in South Africa and abroad. His administrative, organizational inter-personal and communication skills were developed and sharpened during this time.  Theunis has been working in the Non-profit environment as Operational Manager for several organizations since 2004, gaining experience in organizational development, strategic processes and leadership development.

Theunis is a qualified Business and Life Coach and also a Gallup Strengths Talent Coach since 2009. He coached several leaders and teams in the non-profit companies and organisations he served in. He enjoys working in a cross cultural context, where he can lead people in a facilitative way with the purpose to journey with them from stuck-ness to hope. He can maximize the potential in people and the level of efficiency in organizations and he enjoys bringing people together around common values, vision and goals.

Theunis and Magda married on 18 April 1987 and have two married children. They are currently involved in professional coaching, mentoring, facilitating and teaching where they present different business and life coaching options and family and community workshops to individuals, small businesses, organizations and faith communities.

Theunis' Services

CliftonStrenghts Coaching 

Discovering your natural talents and living life authentically from your strengths

1 x Session (Minimum) 90 minutes (Maximum / session) 

R850-00 (including CliftonStrengths online assessment code)

Follow-up sessions @ R500 per session

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)

CliftonStrengths-based Marriage / Relationship Enrichment Coaching

(with Magda Scheepers) - Building a stronger relationship by understanding each other’s strengths 

6 x Sessions (Minimum; 90 - 120 minutes/session) 

R2500-00 (including CliftonStrengths online assessment codes)

Follow-up sessions @ R300 per session

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)

Standard Integer Coaching Pathway

helping people to live integrated lives at work and at home…

7 x 1 hour sessions

R2800 @ R400 per session 

Follow-up sessions @ R500 per session

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)

New Parent Guidance & Coaching 

Focussed on early childhood developmental phases and how to understand your child (with Magda Scheepers)

6 x Sessions (Minimum; 90 - 120 minutes / session) 

R1800-00 @ R300 per session

Follow-up sessions @ R300 per session 

(Can be presented through on-line platforms)