NVC - Compassionate Communication That Connects People


8 week course:

first session at no cost! 
Course fee: R1500/$120/Eu100
- Early bird (pay before first session): R1200/$100/Eu80
We are open to discuss a payment plan or any form of bartering.





Sundays at 2pm EST starting 18th of October

Week 1 (Free session)
Why do we struggle to stay connected?
Overview of NVC process
Overview of 8 week course

Week 2
Discover the key to compassionate communication that builds and connects.

Week 3
The surprising starting point of the violence that disrupts all connection.

Week 4
The journey back to connection: Pay attention to how you view the world!

Week 5
The journey back to connection: Pay attention to your messengers!

Week 6
The journey back to connection: Pay attention to your needs.

Week 7
The journey back to connection: Pay attention to changing demands into requests.

Week 8
Why is there still conflict?

Each week's session is compiled of four parts:
1. Let's connect!
2. Topic of the day
3. Practising our new skill
4. Reflection

Listening Rooms


Imagine having a safe space to tell your story, to debrief or simply to chat through your current state of mind.

We live in times that are full of uncertainty and change. Come experience the power of truly being listened to by sharing whatever is on your mind at that given moment or by sharing something about your life journey.

A $10 donation per session is payable with registration.

Feedback from participants:
"Everyone has a story he or she needs to tell. But to tell your story, you need someone to listen carefully and respectfully. Now, when a group of people come together and share their stories and listen to one another, magic happens. Community happens. This was our experience with the online session we had with Integer Network recently. Louwrens Scheepers gently and skilfully facilitated the meeting and we left after and hour-and-a-half feeling closer to each other, inspired and refreshed. Many people direly need connection and we hope Integer can continue multiplying these experiences." - Dirk Coetzee



Every Wednesday 7:30 - 9:00 PM (South Africa Standard Time - GMT+2)

Integrate: An Online Authenticity Experience


Join Noah Kaye (hosting Thursday evenings) or John Arndt (hosting Monday evenings) to journey through 6 themes for authentic living through Zoom. We don't need to be in person to continue the work of sharing our true selves with each other - join us!

If you haven't yet registered, register here to pick your evening and get Zoom details!



Every other Monday (8:00 pm EST) or Thursday evenings (7:00 PM EST)

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