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Gerda Scheepers

Coach in Training, Operations Coordinator

Areas of Specialization:

Personal growth, navigating transitions, parenting

Compassionate communication

Language Proficiency:

English, Afrikaans

A Bit About Gerda

Gerda is a music teacher who discovered the impact of how we interact with children while teaching individuals and classes the joys of music. After marrying Louwrens, a pastor with a heart for the world, their life as a young family became one of being constantly on the move. During their years at a training college she specialized in children’s ministry, early childhood development and the training of Sunday school teachers and parents. Their journeys took them across the continent of Africa until they eventually spent a significant portion of their years in ministry serving an expatriate community in a Northern African country. After returning to South Africa her focus changed to the specialized care of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. As a certified doula (birth companion) and postpartum care provider she has guided many young families as they adjust to this new and special season of their lives. Currently, she works as part of the core team to establish Integer network as a global entity while completing her coaching certification.


Having raised three children in different cross-cultural settings and recently journeying with her married kids through becoming parents themselves, give her a wealth of knowledge and experience from which other parents can benefit on their journey.

She is passionate about living an authentic life and finding ways for the body, mind and soul to be restored to wholeness. Her conviction is that parents can create safe spaces for their children to experience these values as they grow up, fully becoming who they have been created to be. Gerda can be contacted for personal coaching sessions and group experiences on the topics of communication, transitions and parenting.

Rates / Packages

One-on-One Coaching / Couples Coaching

R450 per session

Sessions are 90mins

Frequency determined by individual needs

Coaching Pathway

R1600 for 4 sessions

Sessions are 90mins

Frequency determined by individual needs

Compassionate Communication Workshop Facilitator

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