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Noah Kaye


Areas of Specialization:

Leadership Development 

Leadership Insecurities 

Coach Training 

Conflict Appreciation 

Effective Communication 

Team Cohesion 

Language Proficiency:


A Bit About Noah

Noah Kaye is the Founder of Integer Network. Noah brings an unusual blend of leadership skills and relational giftedness. He has a way of connecting with people that rapidly builds trust and strengthens connections. He loves language, people, communication and emotion and enjoys influencing leaders to be personally healthy and whole so that what they lead can bear the fruit of that flourishing. 


Noah has a Master in Leadership, twenty years of senior level leadership, and is an ACC Certified Coach with ICF and holds a CCLC with Coach Approach Ministries. Noah coaches leaders in America and Internationally ranging from Church leaders, Non-Profits and Business leaders. He also has a unique ability to work with teams through well crafted group coaching experiences.

Rates / Packages

Personal Leadership Coaching

$225 per hour 

Team Coaching and Facilitated Experiences

$1,500 per day

Other services available and priced per engagement 

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