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I am fire.

I am passion.

I am heat.

I am light.

I accept myself for who I am. All of me.

I am fire.

Fire cleanses, purifies, it burns off what is keeping me from being passionate. It burns away the false beliefs about self that I have been told and that I believed.

Fire purifies, cleanses, down to the core, the bare bones.

I am fire.

My fire has shown up mostly as resentment and underlying anger, irritation, frustration.

A slow burning fire that only flares up on occasion, then simmers down to just under boiling again.




Like the lava in the tubes from a volcano wanting to get out, wanting to create, to become.

I am fire.

Fire gives light and heat. Light to see the path ahead. The light of leadership.

Own it. Step into it. Embrace it fully.

I am a leader, lighting the way, providing warmth from the cold, safety from the darkness.

Radical acceptance.

I embrace all of me.

This seemingly dark part of me in reality is light.

A light that has been hidden in the bowels of the earth, in the deep abyss. Misunderstood.

Thought to be evil, wrong, sin.

This fire of anger was only a small expression of the passion within, longing to be free, to be open, to be expressed fully in all of its beauty.

I am passionate.

It is okay for me to be passionate.

It’s good for me to be passionate.

In order for me to be my authentic self I must allow my passion, my fire, to be an active part of my daily life.

A passion, not wild and uncontrollable, but a passion that is deep, enduring, intentional. A driving force, a heart beat, a constant squeeze or thump that keeps me motivated, helps me to make clear decisions.

I am heat.

I am light.

I am fire.

I am passion.

I have been through the fire, I have experienced multiple fires, literally and figuratively. I know what it is like to be burned to the core. A fire that strips you naked, helpless, totally vulnerable.

Fire that is out of control can be devastating.

Fire can also lead to healing.

Letting go. Recognition that there are things I no longer need, or that I ever needed. Recognition that I can rebuild. Recognition that I am resilient. I can choose the materials for my new dwelling. I am the architect. I am the designer. I can design my dwelling as an authentic expression of myself. I can choose the people who will help me rebuild.

I can choose my furnishings to express my authentic self.

I can choose to use my fire as light and heat, and not as a weapon to destroy.

I will choose to use my fire as light and heat.

I am choosing to use my fire as light and heat. I choose to use my fire as light and heat.

I am light and heat.

I am light.

I am heat.

I love who I am.

I love who I am becoming.

I set myself up to be successful every day by being light and heat.

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