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Unopened Gifts

Unopened Gifts. What are the unopened gifts in my life? Gifts that are mine, as yet unclaimed, sitting on a shelf, unopened and unused. Unacknowledged. Maybe I know it’s there, I know what it is, and I want it, but I’m afraid to open it up, take it out of the box and use it. Afraid that it will change my life. Not sure if it will change for the better or the worse, so I just look at it from time to time, ponder for a few minutes and then push it to the back of the shelf again, or kick it aside, out of the way. 

I’d rather deal with what I already have, even if it’s just okay and not really satisfying. It’s still better than the unknown. And what if I open this gift and it’s not what I expected. What then? Now what do I do? Suppose it comes with instructions that I can't read or don't understand. What if it comes with no instructions and I’m left to figure it out all by myself? What if this gift is not something I want, or I don’t like it? What do I do with that? So many questions and so few answers when I look at this unopened gift. 

I can't really give it back or refuse it. I already have it. It came with me when I came into this world. It’s mine and mine alone. And I get to decide everything about this unopened gift. Do I want to open it? How will I open it? Where and when will I open it? Will I share it or keep it a secret? Do I want to keep it on the shelf or on a coffee table as a beautiful decoration? Do I just want to admire the beautiful wrapping paper and bow? 

I know this unopened gift comes with no strings attached. There is no guilt or shame attached to it, no expectations, only those that I decide to attach to it.

How would my life change if I opened this unopened gift? Would it be like opening Pandora’s box and unleashing trouble that can never be put back in the box? Or would it be like the gift I’ve always dreamed about that would bring happiness, joy, and fulfillment? 

Can I afford to take that chance? How can I afford NOT to take that chance? What a dilemma!

And now I begin to wonder if there are more unopened gifts in my life that I’ve tucked away and forgotten about or covered over with the latest, greatest idea. 

So what is required of me, if I do open this unopened gift? And the truth of it is that nothing is required of me. It is my choice to open it, or to leave it unopened. It is my choice if I do open it what I will do next. I can look at it, examine it, and decide in that moment what to do next. Do something with it, or put it back in the box and put it back on the shelf. I can thoughtfully consider next steps and even look further ahead to imagine how this gift would impact my life and maybe even the lives of others. Is this gift worthy of my time and attention? What kind of sacrifices will I need to make if I open this gift? Will they be worth it? So much to think about and consider. What will I miss out on by never opening this gift? Will my life always feel hollow and empty, like I’m missing an essential part of myself? 

Can I put it back on the shelf today and bring it back out at a later time that seems more appropriate, or when I’m ready? Will that time ever come? Will I get a second chance, or even a third or fourth chance, to open this unopened gift? And will it still be the same or will opportunity have passed me by and the gift will no longer be appropriate? 

Today, I will decide Yes or No. Now or later. I will make a choice, knowing that I have considered all the options I am aware of and have examined the potential of each option. I will make the best decision I can in this moment with the best information I have at this time. No regrets. 

I love who I am. I love who I am becoming. I set myself up to be successful today by making a decision about my unopened gift.

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